Winter Fees:


September 2016 - April 2017

Senior/Adult: £155

Junior/Student: £105

Visitor: £7 per Session

Match Fee: £4


Summer Fees:


May 2016 - 19th September 2016

£70 (No Concessions)

£28 per four sessions payable in advance

Visitor: £6 Session (Limited to two Sessions)



  • Fees to be paid by cash, cheque (made to 'Winchester Badminton Club') or direct transfer to the club bank account.

  • Prompt payment of fees is most appreciated by the Club. Winter and summer fees are due by 30th September and 31st May, respectively. Late payment may incur a £10 surcharge.

  • Winter subscription includes registration fees paid by the club to Badminton England and Hampshire Badminton. Appropriate reduction of fees may be made for those registered by other clubs. For insurance purposesproof of registration may be required.

  • Fees will be calculated pro rata for those joining mid-season. (Winter only)

  • Visitors fees will be refunded in full once full membership is granted.

  • The Club does not currently entertain visitors who wish to play regularly on a pay-n-play basis.

  • Visitors must consider joining the Club as full members following two visits. Membership is subject to approval by the Club Committee.

  • Fees are reviewed by the Club Treasurer every year. The treasurer presents the club accounts at the AGM during which all club fees for the following seasons (Winter and Summer) are ratified.